We'd be delighted to welcome your child into Light Years Child Development Center!


All parents upon enrolling their child are required to sign an enrollment contract. Each child is required to complete a pre-enrollment packet of information. This packet is to be returned to the center’s office prior to the child’s first day of attendance. All children are required to have a complete up to date immunization record on file at Light Years Child Development Center.  This is per our licensing regulations. If you have chosen not to have your child immunized, please ask the center director for an immunization waiver form.  Immunizations may be waived for certain reasons. Please discuss this with the center director to determine whether you have the right to be enrolled and not have your child immunized. Parents are required to have a wavier on file in place of an immunization record, so that the center can maintain compliance with licensing regulations. 

All children are required to have a physical examination form filled out by a licensed medical professional, in order to attend Light Years Child Development Center.  The Physical Examination Form, indicating the child’s fitness to attend, must be completed by a licensed healthcare professional and returned to the Center Director within the first 30 days of enrollment. Before a child is admitted into the center, there must be a completed application on file. We must have these forms in our office before the child can be enrolled. [No exceptions]