Class Information

Toddlers, 2-year-olds and preschoolers wear uniforms!

Infant and Toddler Naps

Ensuring that your child is comfortable they will have an assigned crib/cot.  Each child must bring blankets weekly. We ask parents to bring a picture of family to attach to child’s crib.

All babies will be placed on their back to sleep. It is the recommendations of The American Academy of Pediatrics, SIDS Alliance, and Association of SIDS and Infant Mortality Programs that all infants be placed on the back when sleeping to reduce the risk of crib death also known as SIDS. So for the safety of your baby, we will follow this recommendation.


Your baby/toddler will be checked often. If a child who falls asleep in a place other than his designated sleeping location he may remain in that space, if comfortable and safe. Infants/toddlers are able to nap as needed and they are allowed to sleep as long as they need to. Toddlers are allowed up to a 2-hour nap/rest.

Before and After School Care

Children will be served breakfast before they leave for school.  Once the bus arrives, the children will be taken out to meet the bus.

Once the bus returns to the center the children will be given a snack.  After the snack the staff will allow time for the children to complete their homework.  Once homework is completed, the staff will oversee the activities until all children are picked up.  All children will have an opportunity to go out and play if weather permits.

Indoor/Outdoor Play

​The children are given 60 minutes of outdoor play each day, weather permitting. They are supervised at all times while outdoors. The children should be dressed appropriately to stay warm or cool to enjoy being outside.


The State of VA Department of Social Services Licensing Department requires that infants are taken outside as well, weather permitting. We do, however; have indoor play areas for infants that include exercise saucers, swings, and floor mats for tummy time, crawling, book reading time, and a ball pit. This area is set aside just for them keeping the older children at bay.



Light Years Child Development Center offers children breakfast from 6:30am to 8:30am, lunch from 11:00am to 12:00pm. All meals are served fresh and hot in family style setting, with the children sitting at tables, to promote good manners, eating habits and socialization skills. Staff will encourage children to eat their main entrée first, followed by healthy snacks.  We also offer snacks twice daily, when the children come in from outdoor play in the morning, and in the afternoon after napping. 

All meals meet the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrition Guidelines.  Milk is served with breakfast and lunch.  Juice and water is offered at various times. 

We are a PEANUT FREE child care center.  

Volunteer Program


We are excited about our program and we extend an open invitation to parents/ grandparents/extended family to participate in their child’s classroom whenever desired.   

Parents are invited and encouraged to be involved in their child’s school activities. There are many different ways in which parents can participate and volunteer at the center. Parents may volunteer to attend trips, read in the classroom, assist teachers, and/or coordinate special events. Any person, including parents, with felony convictions, sex offender convictions and/or open investigations into any criminal activities will not be permitted to volunteer in the classroom, or on field trips.

Toilet Training

When your child shows readiness for toilet learning, this will be done in a relaxed manner and in cooperation with you. We will only begin helping to potty train a child if you have successfully begun training at home for a week prior. Please don't ask your child’s teacher to begin potty training your child if you are not going to continue this effort at home. We will gladly follow your means of potty training if you just make our staff aware of what you would do. We will request plenty of extra clothing and underwear and to have child only wear clothing that can be pulled off easily.


At Light Years Child Development Center, we believe that keeping children busy and actively engaged decreases the frequency of behavior problems in the classroom. Transition activities help the children move smoothly from one activity to another. Our teachers use only positive guidance and redirection. Setting consistent, clear, understandable limits foster the child’s ability to become self–disciplined, which is our ultimate goal.

We encourage staff to try to ignore negative behavior as much as possible (since much of it is an effort for attention) and reinforce appropriate behavior. Hopefully this will draw the child into the group and thus avoid the need for frequent discipline. When these methods do not work, your child will be spoken to and removed from the situation as a first step. Children are born with enormous creativity! We feel that too much discipline (correcting a child for every little thing) destroys their spirit. By teaching the child that each choice they make has a direct consequence, they will begin to learn to be responsible for their own actions. A negative choice will result in a negative consequence. LYCDC prohibits corporal punishment of any kind, cruel, or severe punishment, humiliation, or verbal abuse.

No child will be denied food as a form of punishment nor punished for soiling or wetting their clothing. If a behavior problem presents itself, every attempt will be made to remedy the situation.